Database Interview Questions

There are some Important Database Interview Questions, which are commonly asked during face to face technical interview…!

  1. Difference Between Database and Database Management System?
  2. Type of DBMS?
  3. what is Normalization? Describe all normal forms?
  4. what is Functional dependency?
  5. what is ACID property?
  6. Difference between Union and Union all?
  7. what is Indexing in database? type of index used in database?
  8. what is key and value in indexing?
  9. Define stored procedures in database ? and use of it?
  10. what is ER Model in Database?
  11. what is Entity and types of entity?
  12. Define strong entity and weak entity?
  13. Define Mapping Cardinalities in Dbms?
  14. what are the integrity constraints in dbms?
  15. Difference between primary key and unique key?
  16. Define types of Attributes in database?

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