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Pentaho is an Open source Business Intelligence tool to solve Big data and BI problems. Pentaho BI server or a BA Platform allows you to access business data from multiple data Sources and provide facility to visualize the data in the form of Dashboard, bar charts, pie charts, Reports etc.

The below demonstrated example used Pentaho BI server 7, Windows 8, MySQL 5.0 and JDBC as a data source connection. And the dataset used for this example is taken from its official site.

Getting started with Pentaho BI Server

Following are few steps to start Pentaho BI server

  1. You must have Java Installed in your windows or Linux environment.
  2. Download the Pentaho BI server from its Community website, the latest version of Pentaho Bi Server is Pentaho-server-ce-
  3. Create a Folder and extract the downloaded zip file into a folder.
  4. Make sure the BI server zip file extracted properly.
  5. Go to the command prompt and start start-pentaho.bat file to start BI server.
  6. First command prompt shows the path of java and tomcat server

  7. Second command prompt shows the BI server logs
    Getting Started with Pentaho BI Server

  8. If the tomcat server started successfully without any interrupt, the Pentaho Login window will be popped up in the browser automatically. If the Login window does not appear to the browser, type the URL http://localhost:8080 in the browser and hit enter. The default port for the server is   8080. If you want to change the port number go to the  <<tomcat>>/conf/server.xml and change HTTP port for tomcat.
    Getting Started with Pentaho BI Server

  9. Click on Login as an Evaluator to see the login credentials.
    pentaho4Admin/password or Suzy/password are two different users for Pentaho. You can use any of them to login.

  10. Pentaho User Interface to start Dashboard 

Pentaho provides varies tools like PDI(Pentaho Data Integration), PRD(Pentaho Report Designer) and CDE. PDI tool can work in integration with other BI tools for resolving Big data problems.

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