Heartbeat lost for all Ambari services in HDP

The main reason behind Heartbeat lost for all Ambari services in HDP is, losing the connection between the ambari-server and ambari-agent. To fix this issue you can stop and start ambari-server and ambari-agent again in proper sequence. In this article I am going to explain step by step debugging process and solution.

Look at below screenshot of Ambari dashboard where all services have lost their heartbeat

Heartbeat lost for all Ambari services in HDP

Now follow below steps to start all Ambari services in HDP instance and a solution for “Heartbeat lost for all Ambari services in HDP” –

Steps to start ambari-server and ambari-agent manually –

  1. Stop already running Ambari-server
    $sudo ambari-server stop or
    $service ambari-server stop
  2.   Then stop ambari-agent
    $service ambari-agent stop or
    $sudo ambari-agent stop
  3. Start ambari-agent
    $sudo ambari-agent start or
    $service ambari-agent start
  4. Start ambari-server server
    $ambari-server start or
    $service ambari-server start
  5. After following above steps, you will see all your Ambari services have been stopped, as shown in below screenshot. 
  6. Now start all ambari services from Action menu at the bottom left panel. Select “Start All” to start all services and wait for few minutes because it takes time to start.
  7. you can see the status and details of all ambari services from “op” option, as you can see in below screenshot 
  8. Now you can see, all services like Kafka, Spark, hdfs etc have been started successfully 

Few causes of Ambari Heartbeat Lost:

  1. Fist cause is when the ambari-agent is not able to connect to your ambari-server due to any reason, that may be any error. So first you need to check the logs of ambari-server and ambari-client.
  2. There may be version mismatch between your ambari-server and ambari-client, so check the compatibility.
  3. Sometime the load can be a factor. HDP may be overloaded because of MapReduce jobs and you might not have enough system requirements (16GB RAM is needed) for your environment

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