How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Oracle Virtual Box

How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on oracle Virtual Box is a step by step tutorial for beginners and professionals as well. Here we are using windows 8 with 8GB ram as a host operating system and Ubuntu 16.04 as guest operating system. Host operating is a platform where you are installing your Oracle virtual Box Manager.

Oracle Virtual Box is an easy to use software which allows you to work with multiple operating systems on same machine. It let you import VDI, OVF and ISO images for installing the operating system.

How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Oracle Virtual Box Manager

  1. when you double click on “VirtualBox.exe” to start oracle VirtualBox Manager, you will get below welcome window to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Oracle Virtual Box
  2. Click on ‘New’ to create a new virtual machine.
  3. Give a name to virtual machine like ‘Ubuntu_16.04_ease2code’.
  4. select Type of operating system and version 32bit or 64bit and click on next.
  5. select third option ‘Use an existing virtual hard disk file’ and browse your image and click on create.
  6. Assign RAM size to newly created virtual machine and move next.
  7. Below image shows the newly added virtual machine in left panel 
  8. You can change the All properties, like ram size , CPU counts after adding virtual machine. Goto the virtual Box and right click on imported image 
  9. Click on settings and here you can change the all properties for virtual machine as given below 
  10. Right click on virtual machine select start->Normal start to start virtual machine. It takes few seconds to start 
    ease2code-start-screen-How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Oracle Virtual Box

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