HR Interview Questions

HR Interview

Some common Questions asked during the HR session:

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. why should I hire you?
3. your biggest achievement till now?
4. where you will see yourself after 5 years?
5. why our company? or why u chose this company?
6. your hobbies and why & how explain?
7. some times they asked to speak for 2 minutes on any  topic apart from your subjects, so prepare some topic?
8. Do you want to go for higher studies? and why?
9. If another company will offer you more salary then what  will you do?
10. how much salary you expect from us?
11. why you choose BSC/BCA, why not engineering?


  • White or light colored shirtDark colored pent
  • Shoes square at front, black or dark brown.
  • White socks
  • Formal watch
  • Pen branded
  • No rings, locket or tattoo
  • Light deodorant
  • Salwar kurta or business suit light colored
  • Black, brown  or grey sandals
  • Small ear rings
  • No chain, if there not be visible
  • White or pink colored Watch
  • One ring
Note: Don’t say more about salary..!

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