Interview Tips

Interview Preparation

Interview is not just a question-answer session. It  is exchange and evaluation of views, thoughts, knowledge and personality. Don’t see interview as the chance, take it as an opportunity.

How to crack Interview?

For cracking interview you must  have

  • Personality
  • Experience
  • Knowledge

How to Enter?

  1. Knock door slowly
  2. Take permission to enter
  3. May I come in sir !, could I step in please
  4. If no response wait.
  5. Greet enthusiastically
  6. Wish first the senior most. If more than one say to all
  7. If he extends then hand shake should be firm
  8. Stand straight
  9. Wait for permission for sitting

How to sit?

  1. Wait for the permission for sitting
  2. Don’t touch chair before sitting
  3. Say thank you and sit
  4. Sit straight
  5. Hands should be placed on your legs
  6. Keep folder on lap
  7. Don’t touch the table
  8. Look confident and comfortable

How to answer?

  1. Listen question very attentively
  2. If you didn’t listen question properly you can ask
  3. I beg your pardon
  4. Sir pardon please
  5. I m sorry sir, I couldn’t listen properly
  6. Avoid undue explanation
  7. Avoid words like “ you see, you know, ya ya
  8. Actually or ok ok…
  9. Don’t argue
Note: If you Don’t know answer …
Say: Sorry sir, I am not aware of it? If you have bit knowledge about that topic you can ask to make a try.
Note: If he tells to ask a question ….
Never say No, just ask question about company culture , profession  like just show your interest guys…!!

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