What is JHipster? Spring boot and AngularJs

“What is JHipster? Spring boot and AngularJs” – Let take a tour of very useful open-source Java code generation tool, that is JHipster (Java Hipster). It generate code for front-end and back-end both. It can perform complete CRUD operations within few minutes.

JHipster  combines three very successful frameworks in web development which are:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Angular
  3. Spring Boot. We can also say that JHipster=Spring Boot+Angular.

It is very crystal clear that Angular is a very promising framework for client-side applications and Spring Boot is a boon for Java developers. JHipster with Spring and Angular makes the application development easier and at a rapid pace by removing configuration hassles.

JHipster makes the project setup ready very quickly and allowing us to focus only on business logic. Let me get you to the point what JHipster exactly is.

The following points will help you get a better idea of what JHipster is

  1. Not only Spring Boot and Angular. But JHipster also supports a lot of widely used front end and back end frameworks for application development.

  2. The main reason behind being the choice for developers is the fact that, this application generator is basically designed to provide the Java developers the option of blending or combining their skills of Java and JavaScript development on the same applications.

  3. At its core, JHipster is a Yeoman. Yeoman is a code generator that you run with a yo command to generate complete applications or useful pieces of an application. This helps a developer to quickly build beautiful web applications. It takes care of providing everything needed to get working without the normal pains associated with a manual setup. JHipster is also capable of serving as a Yeoman Generator.

  4. By using Swagger API, developers can easily test API which is automatically created and on top of it, the documentation for API has also created automatically which was hectic before.

  5. Provides boilerplate code for basic CRUD operations. Yes, you got it right, we don’t need to write anything if we have basic CRUD requirement for our entities.


For all these reasons, “JHipster” is actually an application generator that has been drawing quite a bit of accolade, especially from the Java developers. Because of all these features, within a very short span of time, it became a preferable choice for developers. And it is adopted very quickly among all developers. So if you are considering to build a web application you shouldn’t keep JHipster too far away from your mind because it can help you save a lot of work and lot of your precious time and maybe you wanna thank “JHipster” for this.

for installation guide please visit full JHipster Installation guide Article.

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