What is JHipster? Spring boot and AngularJs

“What is JHipster? Spring boot and AngularJs” – Let take a tour of very useful open-source Java code generation tool, that is JHipster (Java Hipster). It generate code for front-end and back-end both. It can perform complete CRUD operations within few minutes.

JHipster  combines three very successful frameworks in web development which are: [Read more…]

What is Load Balancing?

What is Load Balancing?, In Load Balancing technique any incoming network traffic is distributed across the servers of a cluster very efficiently. It increases the availability of an application during high traffic. A “load balancer” acts as a traffic cop sitting between client and server. It routes every incoming request to the backend servers or a cluster based on various efficient algorithms. [Read more…]

Create an AMI from an Amazon EC2 Instance

Create an AMI from an Amazon EC2 Instance :  An Amazon machine Image (AMI) provides a basic platform to launch any instance. AMI is like a template that you can configure with an operating system, software or application server. An Amazon machine Image that can be configured with other Auto scaling groups. From EC2 Dashboard go to the running instances view and select the instance from which you want to create an AMI. You can Create an AMI of a stopped or running instance.

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What is Auto Scaling? AWS Auto Scaling using EC2 Instance

What is Auto Scaling? AWS Auto Scaling using EC2 Instance: Auto Scaling with Amazon EC2 Instance is a way to increase the availability of your application during heavy traffic. Auto Scaling ensures that your application has a sufficient number of instances to handle the incoming requests over the network. You can write up-scaling or down-scaling policies for an application. In AWS the collection of EC2 instances is called Auto Scaling groups. [Read more…]