How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on Oracle Virtual Box

How to install Ubuntu 16.04 on oracle Virtual Box is a step by step tutorial for beginners and professionals as well. Here we are using windows 8 with 8GB ram as a host operating system and Ubuntu 16.04 as guest operating system. Host operating is a platform where you are installing your Oracle virtual Box Manager.

Oracle Virtual Box is an easy to use software which allows you to work with multiple operating systems on same machine. It let you import VDI, OVF and ISO images for installing the operating system. [Read more…]

Getting started with Community Dashboard Editor in Pentaho|Example

Pentaho provides various tools to create custom dashboards to visualize the big data in the form of PI-charts, Bar chart, line charts, graphs and much more. It provides data integration with different data sources and extracts the analysis report from data sets.Getting started with Community Dashboard Editor in Pentaho, this tutorial explains complete steps to create following dashboard [Read more…]

Getting Started with Pentaho BI Server | Pentaho

Pentaho is an Open source Business Intelligence tool to solve Big data and BI problems. Pentaho BI server or a BA Platform allows you to access business data from multiple data Sources and provide facility to visualize the data in the form of Dashboard, bar charts, pie charts, Reports etc.

The below demonstrated example used Pentaho BI server 7, Windows 8, MySQL 5.0 and JDBC as a data source connection. And the dataset used for this example is taken from its official site. [Read more…]

How to set Java path

Java is not recognized as an internal or external command is a common issue, for Java beginners or sometimes for java professionals as well. The main reason behind this error is your java path or we can say Java environmental variable settings. Then the question comes how to set Java path? [Read more…]