Top 5 Programming Languages to Get a Job

This article is written after doing numerous researches on IT market and technology trends. we ranked “top 5 programming languages” based developers salary, information technology survey on Stack Overflow, questions asked on Quora, job requirement on and various company communities.

when you start your career normally you go for following –

  1. Market demand – job openings
  2. Highest salary
  3. And ease of learning

I have observed that so many students and professionals are looking for these buzzwords like “top 10 programming languages in 2018″,”best programming languages” or “highest paying programming languages” nowadays and here you go…

Top 5 programming languages

#1 JavaScript (NodeJS, Angular, React)

Here we are not talking about traditional JavaScript used in earlier days. From 2017 javaScript evolved a lot and continuously growing like anything. I do not see any language this much powerful and growing!

following are few features of latest Js libraries –

  • NodeJs, Angular and React these are powerful technologies which are capable enough to handle all backend processes.
  • Angular JS is in high demand in the market for front-end development.
  • ionic and React are popular frameworks to handle IOS apps.
  • JS can run anywhere even on the browser so there is no hassle of installation and portability.

After seeing this much growth in JS many companies are moving towards JS. for example, Facebook wants to move completely on JS for mobile and web.

The average annual salary of a JS developer is $50K.

#2 Python

Python is shining like anything. The reason for its popularity is Machine learning. All big players like Google, YouTube and RedHat etc written in python.

Django, Flask, and Panda are popular web frameworks for Python. Python is very easy to learn, well-structured and neat language.
This can be the best choice to start your career as a programmer.

The average annual salary of a Python developer is $53K.

#3 Java

Java is very rich and powerful because of Java virtual machine(JVM) and never go out from the list of top most programming languages. Java is OOPS based programming language with an additional “Write once, run anywhere” feature.

with Java, you can build your career in Android, Big-Data, Hadoop, and embedded engineering. For Android developer learning Kotlin is like adding some stars in your skill set.

The average annual salary of a Java developer is $96K.

#4 Swift

The only reason why swift is on 4th position is APPLE.  If working with APPLE is your goal then leaning Swift is your path.

APPLE is a very big player in the IT industry, Apple devices may not be the popular choice for everyone but so many devices are launching by Apple every year. Native IOS applications, iPhone, iPad all are built on the swift.

To test any Swift app you have to use Apple devices only.

The average annual salary of a Swift developer is $53K.

#5 Ruby on Rails and C#

Rails is a framework which is written in Ruby language. Many e-commerce websites are developed in ROR. Top websites like Shopify, GitHub, Twitter, Basecamp, Hulu, Slideshare are the examples of Ruby on Rails.

It is popular for following features –

  • Easy to read, elegant and self-explanatory.
  • Dynamic and flexible in nature
  • Fast development
  • Open source and cost-effective

The average annual salary of a ROR developer is $60K.

I also ranked c# on the fifth position not only because of .NET but the main reason is Xamarin. Xamarin used for native Android, IOS, and Windows apps with native interfaces to share code across multiple platforms.

The average annual salary of a c# developer is $53K.

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